MVT takes over my closet

What to do on a rainy Sunday? Why, goof off and do a self-photoshoot of course! I actually just really wanted to share some of the awesome things I recently got from Modern Vintage Today. Please excuse my horrible photographer skills (in which I lack). Also try to ignore that birthmark spot on my wall. I totally just pointed that out didn’t I? Anyways, I digress. The tops I’m wearing in these photos are the ones I wanted to share with you. All the tops I got were things I felt like my closet needed when I first laid eyes on them.

This Laker colored sweater must have been an old school cheerleader sweater. It has a velcro thing on the front like it would be for a name tag. It fits extremely snug too, I’d have to be in snow to wear this warm, fuzzy sweater.

I really liked this boy scout inspired shirt. I actually want to add some of my old girl scout patches on it, I have a bunch that were never sewed on to any vest or anything.

I picked up this somewhat sheer, lavender button down from our Artist Rule The World Event. That was really fun, can’t wait til next month’s event.

I actually have a post comin’ up on some clothes I got from thrift shopping with Brittany a while back. Stay tuned for that.

Happy Rainy Sunday!

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