Paid Dues: Free Spirited Style

Bikini weather. Sweat weather. So-hot-you-feel-like-your-about-to-drop-like-a-fly weather.

That’s what I kept thinking to myself as I walked around the Paid Dues Festival in San Bernardino this past Saturday… That and the fact that despite the scorching sun and the non-existent breeze I was having the time of my life!

Not only did I get a chance to interview Hip-Hop celebrities such as Rapsody, Lecrae and K. Flay, but I also got the opportunity to knock out a few interviews for my documentary as well! Dessa – a white female emcee that reps the Doomtree label – just so happened to be performing alongside a few of her label-mates and so I got the chance to interview her, as well as K. Flay and Rapsody, who were gracious enough to let me interview them twice.

Bella and 9th Wonder protege, Rapsody. Look for the exclusive interview soon!

*Side Note: Look out for my exclusive interviews with Rapsody, K. Flay and Lecrae on (and shout-out to my editor, Andreas Hale, for giving Hazzle Joy and myself the opportunity to attend).

But back to the festival (and my outfit)… I wanted to be cute yet comfortable (and I had no time to shop) so every single item that I wore consisted of pieces I yanked out of my closet and spread out the night before. Starting at the top and working my way down, I wore a sheer brown floral vest with lace trimmings from Charlotte Russe and a tan camisole shirt underneath. I cinched the vest together with a dark brown belt with diamond-shaped, bronze metallic studs and I wore a pair of comfortable, army green shorts underneath. I piled my accessories on pretty heavy so I had on two wooden and ivory bangle bracelets, multiple rings and my favorite gold bangle hoop earrings. The sandals I wore had intricate, multi-colored beading, gold chains and feathers and were designed by Zigisoho.

My purse – I’m happy to report – was made by me! Well kind of lol. I bought the purse from the thrift store (its originally from Wilson’s leather) and then I hot-glued my silver-metal feather creation on the flap. The sticker of course doesn’t belong there, but where else was I supposed to stick my press pass :)

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4 responses to “Paid Dues: Free Spirited Style

  1. wow, can’t believe you pulled off a look so well while sticking to a budget. i think you look like a million bucks :) love the effortlessness – can’t wait for summer! xoxo

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