Paid Dues: Urban & Tribal

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join Brittany Bella and our video-op, Mickey, to attend Paid Dues. Brittany interviewed many artists for This was an experience I’ll never forget. From being up close and personal during Wu-Tang Clan’s set, to being on stage with Three Six Mafia, to interviewing some inspiring and amazing artists; this event will forever mark one of the most memorable times in my life. Shout out to The Well Versed team for allowing me to join in on the music festivities. I am forever grateful. Make sure you check out the Paid Dues Recap by Kailyn and Christian. Kailyn and Christian wrapped up the event in the most perfect way through their words and video. I also posted some random flicks on my instagram: @hazzlejoy. Dessa, KFlay, and Rapsody are also featured in our “White Girls in Hip-hop Documentary.” Stay tuned for some insightful interviews.

I kept the weather in mind for coming up with an outfit for this event. I knew it was going to be really hot, so I wanted to be really comfortable and made sure my outfit gave me room to breathe while the sun was beating down on me. I also did get darker, good thing I put sun block on to avoid getting sun burns.

I died when I first saw these earrings. I absolutely had to buy them.

My favorite Cheetah purse because it fits everything I need. My phone, id, cash, chapstick, and my MAC press powder.

Dessa and I after her interviews with Bella.

My purple & gold bracelets, rings, cheetah purse, tribal printed skirt, and feather earrings were all from Forever 21. I paired it with a black, netted shirt that my mom gave me. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where she bought it from. I always receive a lot of compliments when I wear those sandals. I actually bought them from Payless a really long time ago. They are American Eagle and Payless carries a lot of cute American Eagle shoes. Since I got the sandals a really long time ago, I highly doubt they carry them anymore.

Rapsody and I.

K-Flay and I.

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