Sunshine, Sundaes, & Smiles

I was really happy being able to spend Easter Sunday with my family. I wanted to share with you my outfit of the day. We had a backyard BBQ and had a great time catching up.

When I wear my favorite maxi dress I always feel really girly. The funny thing is I’m not sure this dress is a maxi dress to other women because of how short I am. For you curious folks wondering how tall I am, I am 4’10”. Yes, I know I’m a shorty! When I found this dress at Forever 21 and tried it on, I was really happy because I hated how I couldn’t find any maxi dresses to fit me. I know I could always get it altered, but quite frankly, I’m too lazy to go take it to the tailor. Everything I have in this outfit is pretty much from Forever 21. I know I shop at Forever 21 too much, but who doesn’t? My pink wedges are from Vision Shoes.

One of my dogs, Kahlua, and I.

My Aunt/Godmother and I.

How was your Easter Sunday? Hope it went well. (:

*All photographs were taken by my cousin, Kyle. And that’s his mom I was posing with in two of the pictures above.*

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