Live In Technicolor: Lauren Warwick

Lauren Warwick was born in LA, but raised in both Compton and Cerritos. Growing up with an older sister who is very close in age and a 9 year younger brother. With the middle child syndrome she felt that her style reflected the “black sheep” mentality. Growing up she wasn’t ‘normal,’ but her family encouraged her individuality. She always wanted to play or do things alone despite her siblings. Currently she works as a stylist in Los Angeles on La Brea and does side jobs where she helps style with the help of her mannequin or as she calls her roommate “Demi”.

LLL: Explain your closet in three words?
LAUREN: Colorful, imaginative, & Bold.

LLL: What is one piece or item you own that is timeless?
LAUREN: Furs.. but not all of them are real so for PETA purposes her Fuerx’s lol!

LLL: What are your favorite places to shop?
LAUREN: Everywhere; Goodwill. Thrift Shop, Del Amo Swap Meet, Korean Marts. When I’m driving and I see a store I’m definitely stopping to check it out.

LLL: Who is your Style Icon?
LAUREN: Solange; she’s her own person. Although right now its trendy to be unique and different or “artistic” and “in your own world” it’s so forced… there’s an attitude that comes with it. You can tell when it’s legit. A lot of things that inspire me (and her) are worldwide like Asian fashion and African culture. She shaved her head and people talked so bad about her but I mean Solange is so afro-centric that’s why I love her.

LLL: Favorite piece in your wardrobe?
LAUREN: My fur collar. Add it to any shirt to spice it up. Jeans and a tee shirt make me nervous! It’s so unfinished; I go to sleep in outfits!! Also my camo jacket, it’s a real hunting jacket it’s a staple piece so I can be casual or dressy by incorporating my camo or even my Dr. Martens to spice it up or tone it down.

LLL: Trends you hate?
LAUREN: The Kim K look. Bebe dresses anywhere. There’s a time and a place for all that. People think fashion is labels, but its not. Most stylists shop downtown! Over saturation is road kill for example, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s are dead to me. It’s cute but its oversaturated. I hate the ‘follow the leader chase’ even though that’s what a trend is, I just rather move on from it.

LLL: Fashion Motto?

Just be you, be your own kind of beautiful.

LLL: What a staple items or beauty products you live by?
LAUREN: Curl conditioner they must be soft. I LIVE FOR BRONZER: Micabella Mineral makeup, but I have a secret, it’s an eyeshadow! This is real talk like gold dust, MAC has one too but it’s not as shimmery so I use Micabella instead. Any kind of liquid or pencil black eyeliner. For my face, I used to wear Iman but it’s too heavy. It’s more like stage or going out makeup so I started using Cover Girl Queen Collection. I think its amazing! It’s for on-the-go everyday foundation and powder and it’s perfect, I swear by it! (Send me my check Queen Latifah).

LLL: If someone said “Lauren we’re going to lunch, you have 3 min to get dressed.” What goes through your head? Are u thinking where you’re going or how your feeling?
LAUREN: How I’m feeling, I’ll go in a fur coat I don’t care. I want to be comfortable in MYSELF. If someone says the event is casual, oh well. I’m wearing what I want to wear. I don’t pay attention to the weather or nothing we live in LA, and sometimes even when its upscale I’ll be casual. Some days I wake up wanting to be an African Queen so I will.

Thanks Lauren for allowing Lipstick Lace & Lattes to raid your closet I appreciate your individuality and boldness. We can all learn something from you! For more about Lauren follow her on twitter: @Lauren_Levi

2 responses to “Live In Technicolor: Lauren Warwick

  1. Love this girl had the pleasure of meeting her and she is the epitome of “real style” such a kind spirit!!!

  2. Love this article. Lauren is really bold, well-versed and I’ve low key been on her since MySpace. Lol. Nice work.

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