Girly Grungy

I always said that I have an act for putting together different outfits of pieces I already have laying around in my closet. This outfit post is something I threw together rather quickly when I went to go interview Heavyset for a special feature on LLL and after went to LA to do a walk through of the Art Gallery where Style House was (quick thanks to Think Tank Art Gallery in LA for having us in their venue). Although this post seems a bit behind schedule, the end of May is finally simmering down and time and space cleared up for me. Apologies for the delay as we were experiencing a hectic month, including my birthday and graduation celebrations.


I really liked this outfit because it’s simple, comfortable, and subtly edgy. I could wear something like this often. It’s girly, but grungy in fun way.




The Outfit Breakdown:
-Jeans, rings, and necklace from Forever 21
-Combat Boots from Bakers
-Top from Love Culture

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