Bringin’ in the Summer, Gypsy Style!

My personal style is an eclectic one. When compared to my fellow Lipstick, Lace & Lattes bloggetes, I think I would be described as the “modern gypsy nomad” or the “free-thinking flower-child”. I love bright colors and wearing things that no one else has (and in ways no one else does), but the one thing I love more than being unique, is being comfortable. With the hot and sticky California summer swiftly approaching, I’ve been on a major mission to find cute and new ways to stay cool, yet still reflect my whimsical personality. Luckily, during my last trip to the thrift store, I think I’ve found it… Long, light-weight, patterned skirts!

Skirts such as the one I’m wearing are the perfect solution to staying cool yet fashionable in the summer. You can find them in all different patterns and lengths, and if you know where to look (i.e. thrift stores), they’re also highly economical. Expect to see me in plenty of these in upcoming posts ;)

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Carole Little Petite (From Goodwill)
Shirt: Cami (From Forever 21)
Jewelry: Giraffe Necklace (From Forever 21), Bracelets & Rings (various boutiques)
Belt: (From thrift store)
Purse: (From thrift store)
Nail Polish: Birthday Beyotch (From Icing)
Shoes: Michael Antonio Wedges
Lipstick: Mary Kay “Really Red” Creme Lipstick (I’m a Mary Kay rep, contact me for goodies!)

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