Google + “LA Fashion Bloggers” [Video]


A couple weeks ago, LLL was asked to meet Google at their office in Venice. We are happy and extremely excited to announce the collaboration with Google and other LA Fashion Bloggers (,,, and

Bella chatting with and An of before our meeting.

Sheri checking up on her phone before our meeting with Google.

Kris super engaged with her phone. Gotcha on candid camera!

Lisa’s excited for our meeting.

Hazzle also super excited for our meeting. Checking up on the phone was caught by almost everyone except Lisa!

LLL with Google, Spoiled Little LA Girls, and Haute Pink Pretty at our meeting.

LLL and these fashion savvy ladies (blogs mentioned above) handle a Google+ page, “LA Fashion Bloggers.” Here we will be interacting closely with our readers, fans, and supporters. We will engage users through “Hangouts” which are live streams of us chatting away about our latest fashions escapades. Our first hangout was me (Hazzle) talking to our friends in Miami, Kelly Saks of and Karla of They are a part of the Miami Fashion Bloggers on Google+. The great news is that these live streams are recorded and saved on Youtube! Missed our first Hangout? Here’s the video below. Despite our technical difficulties, we had a great time! Stay tuned for our next Hangout on Google+! Don’t forget to Plus our Page and Follow for the greatest LA Fashion.

Sheri and Bella.

Sheri waiting for this cool car to pass by.

Thanks Google for the Redbull! I’m a happy camper.

Happy Blogging! (:

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