Young, Free, & Vibrant

As June quickly comes to an end, I realize how we have reached our year’s halfway point. It’s like that moment in time we reflect on the great things that have happened thus far within the year of 2012. Before I digress even more as I tend to get lost in deep conversations whether it be talking to someone or writing, I’ll get into what I wore at this month’s LLL meeting.

I was feeling pretty free and careless of what others thought. I decided to wear this long floral skirt that I bought at a thrift store. I paired it with a bandeau and vest that I already had in my closet. The necklace I was wearing was a gift to me from Christmas. You’ll notice that I wear a lot of my favorite jewelry in many outfits like my bracelets and rings (from Forever 21). The feathers in my hair are actually earrings and I felt like putting them in my hair so I used bobby pins to keep them steady. I also wore my newest and latest obsession, my heel-less heels. I love how much more height it gives considering that I’m only about 4’11”. You can see how I paired the heels with another outfit in this post, “Free-Flowing Goddess-Inspired.”

Thanks Lisa for taking pictures and credit to Bella for the last picture from her camera.

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