Interview Intervention with Fashion

At the beginning of a hectic week I was thrown all the way off when Google decided to meet up with Lipstick Lace and Lattes for a meeting and collaboration for future fashion blogging projects. Scurrying around to figure out what to wear to make an impression, keep my twist to fashion all while staying professional; this was my dilemma. After about a dozen combinations of switching tops, bottoms and shoes I felt comfortable, chic, and classy in my ensemble.


Usually I wear all black or a statement color like red or blue to an interview, but after the thought that this was for a fashion blogging position at the Google offices in Venice, CA I could make this a little more personally styled.


The day was super hot and not to mention by the beach so I felt that layering and color blocking would in essence fit the weather and the interview well.

I threw on a black tube top leotard to keep my upper body solid. This is mainly because I knew I’d be sitting down during the interview so the interviewee would see me from the waist up. You never want to distract them with what you have on because you want them to listen to your words.

As bottoms, I chose a tailored cheetah print high waist trouser with a matching sash belt to cinch in the waistline. To keep it professional and lightweight for the weather I threw on a cropped white blazer with extended lapels in front for more of a business look and so I can maintain full coverage, again this was an interview, but the key is to feel confident.

To spice up my style I chose a closed toe metallic fuchsia pump (Guess). Never wear anything too high but definitely chose something that will either tone down the clothes, compliment the professionalism or make a statement.


Keeping accessories to a minimum I selected two bracelets (Forever 21), a watch (Michael Kors), simple small earrings (Thrift store) and a black and gold studded purse (Thrift store).



Let’s always remember to keep the top half business and the lower half “party” IF you want to spice up an interview. Good luck to us and good luck to you and all your career interviews in the future! You never know when one is coming!


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