24 with a Summer Rose Glow

24 came faster than expected and between working and organizing, I must admit I hesitated with the B-Day outfit for the event. I was so busy arranging and planning I had two days to get it together and I wasn’t mad at the outcome. Being that it was a cool summer night I thought about making my color pallet like a summer rose. So I ran with that idea. The venue was at a downtown warehouse that is fully furnished inside with white interior and crazy stage show lighting so I knew the colors would reflect nicely.

After purchasing the top and bottoms I felt that there was something missing. I needed a jacket of some sort but dint want to be too hot in the midst of dancing and socializing with friends. After time was slowly beginning to run out I paid a visit to one of my favorite stores in Carson “Fashion Trend” and knew I would leave satisfied! I bought my white blazer with cut out slits in the back, which I thought would be great for ventilation haha and an amazing hand piece that caught my attention during check out!

Bralette top: urban outfitters
High waist jean shorts with back pickets and back zip: urban outfitters
Pink Shoes: boutique
Multi colored cross earrings: boutique
White Blazer: Fashion Trend
Cross Bracelet/Ring: Fashion Trend
Lipstick: Pink Nouveau with Magenta Lip liner (MAC)

All in all I had a blast at the birthday party. So many of my friends showed up and I was so thankful that I felt the love. Let’s cheers to a new 2012 being 24! One year older, let’s work harder! Peace and Blessings!

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