Floral Print, Flower Child

My, how time flies! Just last week, Lipstick, Lace & Lattes (LLL) was asked to meet with Google at their Venice office to discuss a possible fashion collaboration, and here it is – a mere week later – and we’re already full into the swing of things!

To make a long story short, LLL is now the newest member of the Google + fashion project, better known as the “L.A. Fashion Bloggers”, and we’ll be participating in online hangouts with other bloggers in the collective, as well as a slew of other fun activities. Be sure to add us in your circles on Google + so you can stay updated with all the latest tidbits!

About the Outfit: It was a hot day so I opted for a cool, floral printed skirt and bright accessories. I really liked the way my last experiment with long skirts turned out so I decided to try it again with a slight variation. By now, you can probably tell that flowers and florals are kinda my “thing”… Told you I was a “flower child” ;)

Outfit Details:
Skirt: (From Thrift Store)
Shirt: (From Forever 21)
Earrings: Melanie Luna for Head Jyve.
Multi-Colored Chain Bracelets: (From Forever 21)
Ring: (From boutique)
Belt: (From Forever 21)
Purse: (From thrift store)
Shoes: Michael Antonio Wedges
Lipstick: Up the Amp! (From Mac)

P.S. I wore a black cropped sweater to the Google meeting, but afterwards decided to ditch it and enjoy the sun.

L.A. Fashion Bloggers (Google +):

Brittany “Bella” Graham (on Google +):

Follow Bella on Twitter:@MsBellaGraham

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