Cheetah-licious Fever [Part 1]

The ladies of LLL are clearly having Cheetah fever! Our printed cheetah clothes are in full effect!

It was a hot day in Souther California and I wanted to wear something weather appropriate. I went to a graduation and then to my friend’s graduation party after. This is probably one of my favorite outfits of the summer thus far. I always get some great finds at the thrift store and believe it or not I got this cheetah skirt for about $3 at a local thrift store. Since it is a little big on me around the waist, I safety pinned it. I topped it with a super bright top which I got at a random local store as well. My shoes, I’ve had for a while. They’re from Vision Shoes.

Don’t mind my big weird smile. I put a cardigan over when it got chilly.

This was taken at my boyfriend’s aunt’s house. They have a beautiful koi fish pond and I wanted to snap pictures at the little bridge they had over it.

What are your favorite thrift store finds?

Note: I’ve mentioned before that I like to mix and match a lot of the items I already own. This post is “Part 1” to one way you can wear the orange top I have on in this outfit-of-the-day post. Be on the look out for “Part 2” on another way to wear it. I will be sure to link all articles to each other. (:

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