“Casino Royale” Cocktail Birthday Party

Last month was another successful/eventful month. I have to say, it ended perfect with the surprise of a lifetime. Well, it wasn’t a surprise for me, it was for my boyfriend! I helped put together (with my cousin, Jena) a birthday party collaboration for JP and her sister, Jackie. Although, Jackie already knew it was a party for her, JP had no idea we were scheming for him. It wasn’t TOO stressful, but it was hard keeping a straight face in the past couple weeks of planning this because I’m for one a pretty bad liar. But I was able to keep the secret all the way until the night of! It was funny because the closer it came, the more JP noticed I was being quite odd. I just so badly wanted it to go smoothly that I tried my best to act like everything was cool. Other than my anticipation and excitement, it was an overall success! Here are some of the pictures of the night.

Lisa and I at JP’s and Jackie’s “Casino Royale” themed Birthday Party.

I didn’t get any solo pictures for my outfit post, but I still wanted to share what I wore at the event with these group shots. I got the dress for less than $10 at a local thrift store! When I first saw it, I was in love! It had sequins and lace, it looked like it’d be a mermaid-fit dress and for some reason I felt like I had to get it! I just never knew where I’d wear it to! Alas, I figured I’d go all out for this event and the secret I told JP was that this was for an event for LLL. Sneaky sneaky aren’t we? (: His facial expression once everyone yelled, “Surprise!” was priceless.


JP and I posing like it’s the red carpet.

Birthday girl Jackie and birthday boy JP with some of the group at the surprise party. This isn’t even everyone!



[Left to right] JP, Maderson, and Brelan have been good friends for a long time (since they were younger kids).

[Left to right] Lami, Jackie, Hazzle, JP, and Ken aka DJ KSole.

[Left to right] Mye, Vicky (my aunt), Hazzle, Mariah, and Melanie. Fun fact: Mye, Mariah, and Melanie are sisters.

Sangria and more drinks of the night!

[Left to right] My cousins Mikey, Jackie, and Kyle.

[Left to right] Ciery, Kristina of LLL, Jena, and Alyssa.

The night went well. There was music, beer pong, drinks, smiles, and good company. Glad everyone came dressed to the theme. Thanks everyone for making this night a success and everyone looked absolutely stunning!

Photos provided by Kris, Lisa, and DJ KSole. Thanks!

6 responses to ““Casino Royale” Cocktail Birthday Party

  1. Sexy sexy!!!! Man, your guys events looks so epic! I wish I could join in! LOL

    I’m glad that everybody had fun. Werq it!!!

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