Flowers, Waves & Sand

Is there anything more beautiful and relaxing than spending a lovely afternoon at the beach? The way the water comes crashing around your feet, the way it swirls around your legs before gently receding; the way the ocean smells? Salty and clean at the same time? I can think of fewer places I enjoy most.

That’s why, even though it wasn’t particularly hot this past weekend, when my friend Alyssa (you may remember her from my recent “What’s In Your Closet” post), invited me to join her and her friends for a carefree day at the beach, I jumped at the idea. The forecast predicted that it wouldn’t be that hot – 67 degrees at the highest – but I still took a chance and decided to wear my favorite green shorts and a sheer, floral top. I had no intention of getting in the water so I didn’t bring a bathing suit, but as it turns out, it ended up being hotter than I thought. Once we actually got down to the beach, the sand alone quickly heated up our feet. I spent most of the day casually conversing with friends and tanning myself on the blanket… Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon :)

Alyssa and I having a mini photo-shoot along the shore

Outfit Details:
Shorts: (From Forever 21)
Blouse: (From Boutique)
Jewelry: Wooden Bangle Bracelets, Rings, Gold Hoop Earrings  (All From Boutiques)
Belt: (From thrift store)
Straw Floppy Hat: (From Target)
Nail Polish: Birthday Beyotch (From Icing)
Lip Gloss: Mary Kay “Pink Luster” Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss (I’m a Mary Kay rep, contact me for goodies!)

Alyssa enjoying the sun

Alyssa rocking Victoria’s Secret separates… Mismatched bikini top and bottoms

Alyssa’s old friends, my new friends :)

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