Orange You Bright [Part 2]

Alright beautifuls! The outfit I wore this night was thrown together rather quickly and I felt it was perfect for a random night to a lounge. It was one of the most fun I’ve had in a while. We went to Cantina Lounge in Fullerton where DJ Bella Fiasco and DJ Zeb were spinning at. They never fail to put on a good time. I ran into many old friends and it was nice being able to reconnect with them.

I love being able to mix and match different pieces. Here’s the link to another post I previously did with my orange top: “Cheetah-Licious Part 1.”


Note: Please excuse the discoloration of the top I’m wearing in the first photo (above). The settings in Lisa’s camera was bright. The true color is below.




These combat boots are awesome with almost anything! Here’s another favorite post with me wearing the same boots: “Girly Grungy.” Still need more ideas on how to rock these boots? This previous post, “LB Strollin'” shows another fun way to do so.




This post is “Part 2” on how to rock this orange shirt, here’s Part 1. Lucky for you lovelies, I have part 3 coming up for you and it will be an alternative way to wear my cheetah skirt. Stay tuned! (;

The Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Cardigan: Forever 21
Necklace and rings: Forever 21
Shorts: G-Stage
Combat Boots: Bakers
Orange Top: Fashion Trend

Favorite My Photo On !

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