A Summer Afternoon with BSL [Video]

Motivated and driven to pursue the street wear industry, BSL (Brothers Stret Luxri) was co-founded by Josh, Jacob, and Justin, and was recently launched this past May. However, while their brand may have just been released, their idea has been growing since 2008. In the past few months, BSL has been growing at a steadily rapid rate and are already selling their gear at a local store, The Deuce. During our interview, the guys explain how BSL began, the future goals they have for the brand, and why they believe that a solid team is extremely important.

“Do what you love to do. Surround yourself with your team and family that support you.” -Josh

“We kind of limit the word team and we came up with the word family. We help each other.” -Jacob

Thank you BSL for taking the time out of your busy schedules to sit down with us!

To purchase BSL gear, visit their website or The Deuce
Don’t forget to like their FB, follow them on Instagram/Twitter @__BSL, and Tumblr.

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