Summer Fun: Turban Swag

Another scorching day in sunny California… Eh, but what else is new?

Last week all I wanted to do was keep out of the heat, and if I couldn’t do that, then at least find a way to stay as cool as possible. Unfortunately that’s the one impossible thing about having long hair, when its hot, its almost unbearable to have it hanging around your neck. Therefore, in the spirit of “coolness”, I decided to opt for a messy ponytail with a cute swoop bang. However, after I tied my hair up, I felt like my outfit was lacking its usual “spunk” and so I tied a rainbow-print scarf around my head (turban style) to add a pop of color. Then I piled on a bunch of multi-colored bracelets (only on one arm, I never do two) and added my favorite signature rings. Viola! I’m ready for the sunshine! ;)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Lapis (From Nordstrom)
Purse: (From Boutique in Holland)
Scarf/ Turban: (From Target)
Shoes: Custom Handmade leather (From Boutique)
Gold Topaz Ring: Gift from mom
Gold Necklace: Gift from mom
Zebra Two-Finger Ring: (From Forever 21)
Bracelets: (Various Boutiques)
Lipstick: Up the Amp (From Mac)

Two of my favorite signature rings: A zebra two-finger ring from Forever 21 and a custom-made gold ring with my birthstone, topaz (a gift from my mom :)

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