Bohemian For Breakfast

Excerpt from upcoming Feature Post, [Designer Collection] Suboo finds its “Place in the Sun”:

On Friday, July 27, I was invited to attend a private breakfast and exclusive preview of Suboo’s 2012/ 13 “A Place in the Sun” Collection. Although I’d heard that Suboo had recently made its U.S. debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of viewing the collection for myself. Therefore, when I arrived at the Chamberlain Hotel – which was neatly tucked away in a West Hollywood residential area – I had no idea what to expect. However, what I saw completely blew me away… (Full post coming next week!)

Last Friday was one of those weird California days where its hot one moment and suddenly cool the next, and with days like those you really never know what to expect. (Hey, that rhymed! Totally unintended lol). I had been itching to wear these harem-style pants that I had bought awhile ago (but never seemed to find the perfect occasion for), and a rooftop breakfast seemed like the perfect setting for them. I wore a simple blue cami (tucked in, of course) and a lime green blazer  just in case it got chilly. As it turns out, the blazer created the perfect temperature because I never took it off. See below for details on the full outfit.

Outfit Details:

Harem Pants: Milky Way
Shirt: (From Forever 21)
Blazer: (From Thrift Store)
Rings: (From Thrift Store)
Necklace: (From Thrift Store)
Purse: (From Forever 21)
Beaded Bracelet: (From Boutique in Holland, another vacation present to myself)
Shoes: JS by Jessica Simpson
Lipgloss: Lip Gloss: Mary Kay “Pink Luster” Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss (I’m a Mary Kay rep, contact me for goodies!)

Don’t forget to check back next week for the full Suboo post!

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