[Designer Collection] Suboo finds its “Place in the Sun”

From Left to Right: Sheryl Luke (of Walk in Wonderland), Farah Esmail (Sylist), Bella (of LLL), Suboo Designer, Sue Di Chio; Suboo Team Member and An Dyer (of Haute Pink Pretty)

Although da Vinci wasn’t an innovator of fashion, I am inclined to believe that this concept can be applied to multiple facets of life and philosophy. Keeping that in mind, I think that the art of simplicity is exactly what Australian designer, Sue Di Chio, has perfected with her contemporary line of women’s clothing, Suboo.

On Friday, July 27, I was invited to attend a private breakfast and exclusive preview of Suboo’s 2012/ 13 “A Place in the Sun” Collection. Although I’d heard that Suboo had recently made its U.S. debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of viewing the collection for myself. Therefore, when I arrived at the Chamberlain Hotel – which was neatly tucked away in a West Hollywood residential area – I had no idea what to expect. However, what I saw completely blew me away.

From the Suboo “A Place in the Sun” Collection

Upon first glance, the Suboo “A Place in the Sun” collection appears to be simple and full of classy and billowing soft fabrics perfect for any upscale pool party attire. However, after further inspection, I began to notice all the beautiful little intricacies that make each piece unique. Flattering, asymmetrical cutouts; hints of lace, surprise sheer additions; all of these various qualities demonstrate the care and consideration that went into creating each piece.

Di Chio, who mentioned that she wanted her collection to be ‘high end’, said that it was also very important that her clothing be wearable and comfortable as well.

With a beautiful, sunlit rooftop setting and a gorgeous L.A. backdrop adding to the ambiance, I would definitely say that Suboo achieved its goal of radiating class and sophistication.

Bella rating: 10/10

Model and Suboo Designer, Sue Di Chio

Designer, Sue Di Chio’s favorite piece in the collection

Bella and Suboo Designer, Sue Di Chio

Suboo Designer and her team (all wearing Suboo)

From the Suboo “A Place in the Sun” Collection

For more information or to purchase the showcased Suboo designs, visit the official website: http://www.suboo.com.au

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