[Designer Feature] Oliventa Clothing Fashion Show

If you’ve read my previous post, “Orange Glow for the Fashion Show”, then I’m sure you’re already familiar with the Oliventa Clothing Fashion Show that I attended atop Perch L.A. a couple of weeks ago.

However, what I would like to do now is take a deeper look at the label’s designer, Shon Oliventa Williams.

Oliventa’s designer, Shon Williams, posing with model, Jessica

Williams, who started Oliventa Clothing in 2006, said that having the gift of drawing, art and design, as well as a background in entrepreneurism, really took him (and his designs) to the next level.

As far as his style of clothing, Williams credits Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and American Apparel as his inspirations.

“All those people had a lot of influence on what I’m doing today,” said Williams. “Also Amy Winehouse. I love her style.”

For the fashion show, Williams decided to channel Old-Hollywood and classic glamour with a vintage twist.

“I basically wanted to go for an upscale ’50’s look with a splash of ‘70’s to kind of spunk it up a bit,” said Williams. “Give it a different feel and a new style.”

For more details on Oliventa Clothing and Shon Williams, watch our video interview below. You can also catch a glimpse of a few of the Oliventa models rocking their gorgeous apparel. Who knows, you just might see something you like!

Bella and Shon Williams, designer of Oliventa Clothing

I LOVE those pants!

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