Teen Vogue BTSS + OC Fair

Teen Vogue recently hosted a Back to School Saturday event at The Grove in L.A., in which they not only showcased their picks for this upcoming season but many stores were providing amazing shopping deals! It was a pleasure to attend and see the always gorgeous Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars hosting the fashion show. The amount of attendees was startling; the talented Cher Lloyd also made an appearance and performance. Overall, the show lasted about 15-20 minutes and I really have no idea how the models handled the heat in these outfits, as it was scorching! Major kudos to the models for not breaking a single sweat.

The day started with a fashion show and ended with a beautiful view overlooking the OC Fair. I have a knack for attending each other for the last four years, so I made sure to catch it on its very last weekend. Of course nothing really changes, same rides, food, and games. However, I had a great time regardless because it is who you go with that matters right? I wore the same outfit from the day through the night, mainly because I was lazy to change – ha! Check out the outfit details below, as well as some photos from the show. Thank you to KSole for helping me out as usual :]

The Details of The Outfit:
Top: Fashion Young
Shorts: G Stage
Restricted Flats: DSW
Bag: Target

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