The Sexy Vixen: Kathy Andrada

If she’s not modeling for her friends’ clothing lines, she’s baking cakes, running with her dog, Yoshie or laughing it up with her cousins over some snarky inside jokes. Kathy Andrada was born in Pasay City of the Philippines on March 3, 1988 and came to California at around the tender age of 7. Growing up with her cousins (LLL’s very own; Hazzle and Kris) she knew she had a passion for all things girly. Growing up playing with barbie dolls, dress-up and make-up didn’t really convince her to believe that one day she’d be good at coordinately applying colorful eyeshadows or having an eye for fashion. Her laid back, yet feisty attitude sets her apart from the rest in it that her style reveals her comedic and sassy personality. Not that what she wears is anything funny (who doesn’t adore her great sense of humor?)! Her wardrobe always has a cute trendy touch, but a sexy appeal to it. Kathy dreams to one day become a make-up artist and own a bakery shop (she’s very talented!) hoping to make her parents proud. After having a set career, she hopes to get married and have her own children.

We had a fun mini photo shoot in my cousin’s old garage. This was taken by Jena Alano.


LLL: Sum up your closet in three words.
KATHY: Simple, Sexy, Organized



LLL: What makes your style unique or stand out?
KATHY: I improvise with whatever I have in my closet to make me feel good about what I wear and what I have.

LLL: What is one piece of item you own that you believe is timeless (will forever be in style)?
KATHY: I feel like no matter what I have in my closet, I can find a way to mix and match pieces so that they match the contemporary style of the time.



LLL: Where are your favorite places to shop?
KATHY: Love Culture, Love Story, My Little Bow (Korean Store), Fashion Q

LLL: Who are your style icons and why?
KATHY: Heart Evangelista. She’s a female celebrity in the Philippines who sings, acts, hosts TV shows and models. She has been my idol ever since I was 10-years-old. Heart Evangelista never failed to amaze me. I have always been fascinated by her beauty and amazing body. And I think that she looks gorgeous and stunning in whatever outfit she she wears. Her captivating smile and charming face just adds more to her beauty points! I honestly love her sense of fashion; she works dresses in just about any kind of style. She’s a classy woman, simple, sweet and conservative. Her outfits look sexy without trying too hard to show off her skin. She looks fabulous with or without makeup. She works her natural beauty and that’s why I try to be just like her.

LLL: What is the Latest addition to your wardrobe?
KATHY: I just bought a cute striped maxi dress and a pair of high heels that have a tie lace bow near the ankles.


LLL: Are there any current trends that you dislike? Why?
KATHY: I don’t really dislike anything major because I try to respect other peoples’ taste in fashion.

LLL: What is your fashion motto?
KATHY: Looking simple, cute, and feeling sexy.

Kathy modeling for her friend’s clothing line called “Solerdarity.” You can find their products at

LLL: What are 5 beauty products you swear by and why?
KATHY: The beauty products that I swear to anyone that knows me (hahahaha) is Revlon Foundation, Forever Make up Foundation, Elf liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Volume Express “the Falsies” Mascara, Cream Silk (reshape) standout straight Conditioner. I can’t live without any of these beauty products because whenever I am in a hurry to put on makeup or on the go, I just feel beautiful just using these simple essentials that I have. Especially my cream silk conditioner, it makes my hair feel weightless, silky and shiny.


LLL: Who is your favorite fashion blogger (via Youtube, Websites, etc.)? What makes him/her stand out to you?
KATHY: My favorite fashion bloggers would have to be Kandee Johnson, itsjudytime and Chriselle Lim. I couldn’t pick just one because these three stand out to me the most because of their simplicity, charisma and laughter. Most importantly, the things that they do about fashion is taking something out of your closet and embellishing them in unique and inspiring ways. When I don’t know what to wear, I get inspiration from their ideas and try to incorporate them with my own style.

Kathy made cake pops for our family Christmas Party last year. They were delicious!

Kathy made a Lego Birthday cake for one of our nephews. Amazing!

Transformer cake Kathy made for another nephew. He definitely loved this cake.

An HTC Evo Cake for her boyfriend. How clever is that?

Thanks Kathy for sharing with us your closet and your favorite fashion and beauty products.

If you are interested in reaching Kathy for some amazing cakes you can contact her at

Til my next closet feature, tah tah!

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