Fashion, Art and Star Gazing on LA’s Perch Rooftop

Riding in the elevator to the 13th floor had me feeling a bit superstitious at first. Then we stepped onto the floor only to be told to go up higher. It ended up being a relaxing night. A night on the rooftop in LA spelled “class” all over and it was a different scene from your usual local raunchy club filled with ratchets and thirsty men (not to say that all LA clubs are like that; or are they?). I must say, the Oliventa Fashion Show, good vibes of the guests and live art added to the amazing venue. Standing atop the roof next to sky-rise buildings was a change to what I’m ordinarily used to. Keeping in mind that I’d be partying on the rooftop of LA I wanted to dress the part and felt classy sophistication was my best bet.






An artist painted this beautiful photo of the legendary rapper, Tupac.

Visit Bella’s post of the Oliventa feature: here.

Outfit Breakdown
Dress: Forever 21
Jewelry and cheetah bag: Forever 21
Heels: Fashion Trend


I did want to add that I’ve been using this new product, Yuko Hair Products. I’ve noticed that my hair has become softer and less frizzy. I’ve been told that it looked healthier and even my boyfriend told me it felt super soft with no tangles. I used the shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant spray before hair blow drying and straightening. I also used the anti-frizz serum and it works wonderfully. I’d say the serum is comparable to Paul Mitchell. Thanks Yuko Hair Products!

*Note: Pictures Taken by Bella. Except the last one which was Lisa’s instagram picture.*

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