Beach Baby Loves the Waves

With all the buzz and excitement that’s been going on with LLL (and in my personal life), it’s easy to get distracted and forget the natural order of things. And so here I am, once again, back-tracking lol.

A couple of weeks ago, we (Lisa, Hazzle, Sheri, Kris and moi) shot our Summer Lookbook in sunny Laguna Beach. Afterwards, each of us were supposed to put up a post describing why we chose our outfits (which I failed to do), and so now I’m doing it now :)

To be honest, I really didn’t put that much thought into selecting this outfit. I selected this teal, orange and cream patterned dress (with crotchet netting along the bottom) simply because it was comfortable and colorful (and because I personally think teal is a great color on me). When going to the beach, I don’t think too much thought needs to go into your clothes. On the other hand, I probably would wear this dress when going out on a beach date or hanging out with a special someone. After all, it really does accentuate a girl’s curves! ;)

Outfit Details:
Dress: S-Twelve
Bangles: Various Boutiques
Gold Ring: Family Hierloom
Glasses: GUESS (c/o The Bromley Group)

Rocking my GUESS sunnies!

P.S. All you all probably already know, I’m a bangle bracelet queen. I added bangles to this outfit simply because it’s what I do. And only on one arm! :)

Huge thanks to Jazmin Monae for doing my makeup!

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2 responses to “Beach Baby Loves the Waves

  1. I love that dress! The color scheme, crocheted bottom and the haltered style – fabulous!

    P.S. I am a bangle fanatic too. The bangles you paired were awesome!

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