Railroad Stop for a Photo-Op [Rock The Bells ‘Fit Day 2]

The heat in San Bernardino is NO joke. We even came back from Las Vegas a couple days after Rock The Bells and it wasn’t even comparable to San Bernardino. It was actually raining a storm on the way to Vegas, which was pretty scary. Other than the unbearable heat, Rock The Bells was amazing!!! Huge thanks to Semi and Lenny from hailmaryjane.com for sending me out to enjoy some amazing hip-hop artists LIVE. Luckily, Bella was able to meet up with Lisa and I after getting work done for thewellversed.com as well as some fun surprises for LLL.

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Let’s get right into what I wore. Considering the heat, I obviously tried to opt for simplicity and kept it as minimal as possible. It was a random mini-shoot with Lisa and DJ KSole at this railroad track and we left right on time just when a train was about to pass by. Wouldn’t want that to be the end of us! That’d be so horrible!









Outfit Breakdown
Shorts, sunglasses: Forever 21
Top: Fashion Trend
Sandals: Payless
Necklace: Thrift Store

Want to see an alternate way of wearing the crop top? You may have been familiar with this top in a previous post: “Sandy Shore of Laguna Beach”.

Thanks Lisa and DJ KSole for the pics!

Stay smilin’ beautifuls,

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