[MAGIC] Cute In The Rain

Our first day in Vegas was a rocky one… And it wasn’t simply because  it was pouring down raining (and thundering and lightning). No, what made it worse, was that out of every member of our little road-trip party (Lisa, Sheri, Hazzle and myself), no one had thought to bring anything but summer clothes! — By the way, thank you weather.com for the lousy forecast, pouring rain does not equate to “drizzle.”

Nevertheless, we still pushed on. After all, we had major networking to do! So despite the downpour, we all made our way to the Convention Center, and once we got inside, it actually wasn’t that bad. And so goes day one of MAGIC, wet but still cute ;)

Outfit Details:
* My outfit actually consisted of a crop top and skirt, but the way I paired the two together, a lot of people thought it was a dress. Furthermore, this is also one of those times where it pays to have your bra match your top. Mine kept peeking out (probably looking for the non existant sunshine…)

Crop Top: Solemio
Gold Elephant Belt: Thrift Store
Skirt: Jacqueline Ferrar
Bangles: Various Boutiques
Purse: H&M
Gold Jewelry: Collected over the years…
Shoes: Michael Kors

Random Pictures from my Camera-Phone:

Me and one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Bebe Zeva (of Fated to be Hated)

Dreary Las Vegas…

P.S. All pictures (except my camera-phone pictures) were taken by Lisa inside our hotel.

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