Ti$a “Endless Summer” Mansion Party

Last Sunday (September 2nd), the ladies of Lipstick, Lace & Lattes were invited to attend style icon and fashion designer, Taz Arnold’s exclusive “Endless Summer Mansion Party” in the Hollywood Hills.

Taz Arnold, Creator of Ti$a

Taz, who is best known for being the creative head of the Ti$a street-wear apparel line and a designer for the luxury leather apparel brand, MCM, has been developing a cult following within the Los Angeles fashion community for quite some time – especially after he popped up at Paris Week with Kanye West in 2009 – and so we felt that his mansion party would be a perfect time to check out his eccentric style.

Bella and Sheri of Lipstick, Lace & Lattes

Although all of the ladies weren’t able to attend, Sheridan and I (Bella), decided to go and check out (and photograph) the scene on everyone’s behalf. Since the party was co-hosted by Entertainment blogger, Karen Civil, and featured music spun by D.J. Justin Credible of the L.A. Leakers, we expected it to be packed, but when we got there people were literally packed inside the castle like sardines in a can! Evidently all of fashionable Hollywood had come out to be seen and network with some of the trendiest people in the city!

Even though the mansion where the party was held – also known as “The Castle” – was about 4 stories (but don’t quote me on that), almost every floor was packed with people dressed in vintage or designer apparel. At least half of them were rocking Ti$a and attire ranged from dresses and heels to sneakers and camouflage pants. There was only one dress code that applied for this event and that was to come FLYY!

The Mansion where the party was hosted. LLL holds no copyright to this picture.

Unfortunately, due to the party being so packed, we didn’t get a chance to take a picture of Karen Civil, but we did get a chance to meet and chop it up with Taz in his V.I.P. section. As expected, he easily stood out amongst the crowd and posed for a few pictures of his outfit, and even complimented me on mine. And when you get a fashion co-sign from Taz, you must be doing something right!

Hosts Taz, Karen Civil and 40oz Van. Picture Courtesy of Karen’s Twitter @KarenCivil

Karen Civil and D.J. Justin Credible. Picture Courtesy of @KarenCivil

Shout Out to L.A. Hype and Colors for collaborating on an amazing event!And to Drew Billions for inviting us out!

 Editor’s Note: All Twitter Screen-shot pictures are courtesy of their original owners. LLL asserts no ownership over these pictures. All other pictures were taken by Bella of LLL (unless otherwise noted).

Check out pictures of fashionable party-goers that posed for us below:

Mary O., Owner of “Modern Vintage Today” on Melrose

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5 responses to “Ti$a “Endless Summer” Mansion Party

  1. OMG the party was packed and it was crazy fun. I saw So many people, Dom, Casey Veggies a bunch of ethnicities and Shanel from Young Money. I wish I took a pic

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