“Hey, Look At Me!” Mary O., MVT [Video]

Mary O. – if you don’t know her – get to know her because she is the one person you will not regret knowing. Mary is the owner of Modern Vintage Today, a store located on Melrose Avenue that is not only focuses on selling unique pieces, but selling a lifestyle as well. I recently sat down with Mary to discuss who influenced her, what she believes is fashionable and what makes her standout against the crowd.

In our interview, Mary explains her love for passion, how she got started and where she sees herself in five years. She is an absolutely amazing woman with great style and class, and she is always finding a way to stand out against the crowd. Watch the full interview below to get a taste of Miss. Mary O. of MVT.

Thank you to KSole for filming and editing the video!

Modern Vintage Today
4306 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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