FNO Interview: DJ Skee & Jason Gaines Start A New “Tradition” [VIDEO]

On September 6th – at Fashion Night Out at the Beverly Center – Lipstick, Lace & Lattes caught up with the “world famous” D.J. Skee and his business partner, Jason Gaines, during the soft launch for their new clothing store, “Tradition.”

D.J. Skee, who is also a radio host for Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM and Sirius XM Radio’s Hip-Hop Nation, said that the store is just another natural extension of his brand.

D.J. Skee at the soft launch for “Tradition.” Picture taken by Sheridan.

“We want to deliver the best possible product to consumers wherever it is,” said D.J. Skee. “Whether it’s the Internet, whether it’s music, whether it’s the mixtapes, radio or in person events. This is the next logical thing in retail.”

“We’re going to be carrying the big brands,” said Gaines. “The most well-known brands like Hundreds and Diamond Supply – a lot of the big street-wear brands – but I want this as a platform where we can sell the brands that have a little smaller distribution. The guys that you might not know about that are hot.”

Watch the video for the full interview!

Bella holding it down for LLL at “Tradition”

P.S. Huge thanks to Sheri for taking the pictures and filming the interview for this post! All editing done by yours truly ;)

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