Barbie Meets Jomsy

Before heading out to Boulevard 3 for FGM Magazine’s Fashion Show, Bella and I met up with Jomsy Bracelets’ Designer, Sylvie de Gil. Sylvie sweetly greeted us at the door with a huge hug at the entrance of her showroom in the Fashion District in LA. With her heartfelt smile and warm hug, I knew right away she was someone with a genuine personality. While looking at her adorable Jomsy Bracelets, scarves, leather bag, and clothes we lost track of time getting caught up in our deep conversation about the fashion industry, our projects and where we’re from. Sylvie came from born and raised in Paris, moved to LA in pursuit of designing the next hit fashion must-haves. She also specializes in public relations helping up and coming designers reach their dreams in the fashion industry. She was kind enough to gift LLL ladies some Jomsy Bracelets of our choice. Each are beautifully crafted in different colors, prints, and texture. After much deliberation, Bella and I were happy with the ones we chose and most especially the ones we ended up wearing out that very night. Our next stop: The FGM Magazine Fashion Show at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood.


I really just felt like getting all dolled up that night and my color block skirt reminded me of Nicki Minaj , so I decided to wear my “Barbie” necklace with it. Last year I was Nicki Minaj for Halloween and since then, I’ve tried finding ways to re-wear my necklace.

Last year for Halloween I dressed up as Nicki Minaj. Any ideas for what I should be this year? October is right around the corner!

Anywho, I found the perfect Jomsy Bracelet to fit my entire ensemble! I was ecstatic! It was meant to be!






Stepping inside Boulevard 3 guests were greeted by a woman gracefully swinging in the middle over water on a giant swing. The feel of the venue was very classy. Being that it was my first time there, I had no idea it actually stretched into a completely huge club further in. The stage of the fashion show itself was centered up front of the club where people danced to the DJ’s rhythms. The red carpet before the show was taken over by the participating models. Including these photoshopped looking guys. Hubba hubba!?


Overall, the FGM Magazine Fashion Show was fun and I was glad I met some new people as well as caught up with our good friend Mary O of Modern Vintage Today. Bella and I were endlessly complimented by our fashionable ‘fits of that night in which I was humbled to hear a couple people say,

You two are the most stylish ones here.

Thanks for the love! Confidence is the best accessory to any outfit. (;

Mary O (of MVT) and I were taking a picture when this random guy jumped in it. Hehe. Taken inside of Boulevard 3.

Outfit Breakdown
Ankle Bracelet: Jomsy Bracelet
Skirt: Love Culture (Thanks Kris!)
Studded Blazer/Cheetah Bag/Accessories: Forever 21
Pink Wedges: Vision
Barbie Necklace: Hot Topic
Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj

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Thanks Sylvie for the Jomsy Bracelets!

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Happy Days!

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