The Masses x KIA Commercial Contest [VIDEO] – ENDED

FANS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY! I am super excited to share the video that my The Masses team has been working hard on! The Masses entered a contest for KIA to make an “In My Mind” music video. Also, featuring Mos Wanted Crew (of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV)!

If you didn’t know, I also represent The Masses which is a lifestyle clothing brand, but we branch out to many things and all things creative. Visit for more about “THEM.”

Psst, can you find me in the video? (;

4 Easy Steps to Vote! (:


1. Click
2. Then ‘VIEW & VOTE’
3. Search: “IMAGINE”
4. Click VOTE!

Leave a comment below if you loved the video and voted for us! (:

Tweet @KIA and @Themassesblog if you voted for us and loved the video! Don’t forget to hashtag #kiacommercial #inmymind #them

About The Masses: The Masses is for all, those who exceed are one of THEM.

We live in an era where we are technologically inspired. New mediums and medias play an influential part in today’s youth and their creative drive should not be discouraged. In 2006, a collective group of self-motivated individuals were inspired by enticing images, design, and fashion. We created a brand dedicated to help develop the minds of the younger generation. With the combination of passion, drive, creativity, skill, and strategic planning The Masses was born.
Instagram: @themasses
Twitter: @themassesblog

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Much Love and thanks!

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