The Masses: Hoot For Hooters Campaign

Little Lattes! I have an announcement! Today is an exciting day!

If you don’t already know, I represent The Masses outside of LLL. All in all, The Masses is a clothing brand in which it branches out to many things in all creative forms. The Masses categorizes its apparel as Couture Urbanity which means trying to bring high-fashion into the urban lifestyle. The Masses is excited to announce the official release of their fall line. Read on to learn more about THEM.

Some might say we’re the People’s Champ, the Underdog, and the Unsung Hero. Now, it’s a different era where the Dark Age is over and we’re here to step up to the plate. In 2006, we were fueled by design, photography, fashion and anything that dealt with EYE CANDY. Many people claimed that they can turn design into gold, but we are one of the few who can actually execute it. With the right mixture of positivity and a side of passion, we are able to come up with designs that inspire people to create. As a creative society, we define the masses of people since we believe everyone is creative in their own way without them knowing it. You could be an aspiring rapper planning your next mixtape or you could wake up feeling inspired to be the next Picasso. Sometimes people are not able to follow through with these creative endeavors that they love to do, unless they go beyond the standards…The Masses is for all, but those who exceed expectations is one of THEM.

The Masses “Hoot For Hooters” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Photo courtesy of The Masses. The white tees are available to everyone for purchase and the black tees will be exclusive.

LLL: For some people who have never heard of The Masses, in one sentence explain what or who is THE MASSES?
THE MASSES: As a creative society, we define the masses as everyone, and that everybody is creative in their own way.

LLL: What will The Masses line be a representation of?
THE MASSES: Creative comes from all walks of life, you could be an aspiring rapper planning your next mixtape or you could wake up feeling inspired to be the next Picasso. We like to represent everyone whose willing to follow their dreams creatively.


LLL: What is Hoot For Hooters and how does The Masses affiliate with this campaign? What are your goals for this launching this campaign?
THE MASSES: The Masses loves to support the community and why not support a month that represents the strong women who are fighting breast cancer. Just like how we fight for what we believe in, we support everyone who exceeds expectation.

LLL: How can we purchase The Masses products?
THE MASSES: It’s easy! You can purchase our products at


LLL: What should everyone look forward to from The Masses and what can everyone expect from The Masses in the future?
We like to think outside the box, so each design we create, everyone needs to keep an open-mind. Consider our design as a conversation starter or attention grabber due to the complexity and thought process we put into it.

And there you have it! Head over to The Masses to see the other t-shirt designs and make your purchase today! Anticipation is high and you don’t want to miss out! Don’t forget to tweet @themassesblog and let them know what you think about the new release. Hashtag #THEM #THEMASSES

Visit The Masses at
Follow THEM on:
Twitter: @themassesblog
Instagram: @themasses

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