[Video Teaser] White Girls in Hip-Hop: The Documentary

LLL’s Bella Graham (Producer & Director of “White Girls in Hip-Hop” with Lil’ Debbie

It’s been a long time coming (a little over a year) since I started filming my documentary, “White Girls in Hip-Hop“, but since then this little project of mine has grown and expanded in ways that I never thought possible. The reception to the idea and concept of a socially and racially conscious project that examines the various undertones of racism and race in America (particularly in Hip-Hop), has been overwhelming and I would like to personally thank everyone who has participated in it thus far.

Although we  – my documentary team (which includes LLL’s Hazzle Andrada) are nowhere near finished, I am happy to announce that we have finally reached a halfway point in the filming. This little documentary that started as my Journalism senior thesis project has introduced me to all kinds of amazing new people and opportunities and I’m excited about what the latter part of our journey holds in store. Please watch our teaser with an open mind and share it with all your friends, classmates, family and co-workers. This project is only as big as we make it. I hope that you all will continue to follow our journey and keep the dialogue about race in Hip-Hop free-flowing and open.
You might want to also take a look around Lipstick, Lace & Lattes while your at it ;)

Make sure to follow our documentary on Twitter @WhiteGirlsHH and on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/WhiteGirlsHH. We’ll be uploading new teasers – and eventually the trailer – very soon. Stay tuned!

Help us reach our Fundraising Goals!! Contribute and find out more about the “White Girls in Hip-Hop” campaign on IndieGoGo!

LLL’s Hazzle Andrada (Publicist of “White Girls in Hip-Hop”) and Dessa

P.S. Special thanks to all the artists, professors and journalists who have participated in our documentary thus far! Although everyone was not shown in this particular teaser, you will get a chance to see glimpses of our other interviews as we release them.

Participating in the documentary are: Rebecca Haithcoat (Assistant Music Editor of L.A. Weekly), Rapsody, K. Flay, Dessa (of Doomtree), Dr. Ebony Utley (author of “Rap & Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God” & professor at CSULB), Dr. Tanya Saunders (Professor at Lehigh University), Beach, Babi Mac, Lil’ Debbie (former member of White Girl Mob), Ise Lyfe and Ben Westhoff (Music Editor of LA Weekly and author of “Dirty South“). Special thanks to Hazzle for editing the promo!

More more information and inquires contact: WhiteGirlsHHDoc@gmail.com

Special thanks to our film crew:
Brittany “Bella” Graham – Director & Producer
Hazzle Joy Andrada – Publicist & Editor
Geoffrey Hughes – Videographer & Editor
Alfred Pallarca – Videographer
Thomas Osborne – Videographer & Editor
Jonathan Holt – Audio Editor

If you are interested in joining our film crew, contact: WhiteGirlsHHDoc@gmail.com

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