LLL X FWSD: The Show

LLL had the pleasure of being invited to SD Fashion Week, however due to a jammed packed schedule and work, I was only able to attend Saturday night’s event – the fashion show. The event was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego/Gaslamp quarter. I was very impressed by the organization of the night, as there were plenty of staff members who were helpful and answered visitor questions with ease. Much better than other events I have attended. Those in attendance included representatives from sponsors of the event such as The LA Fashion Magazine, FIDM, and Naughty Monkey.

Hosting the event for the night was Allison Andrews, founder and director of Fashion Week San Diego. The designs showcased included A’Doreus, Andre Soriano, Creative-Fashionista, Dos Caras, Erin Fader Jewelry Designs, Jessica Faulkner, Kenneth Barlis, Love Is A Devil, nOia Collection, Paul Rico, Stacie May, and SVC Collection.

The runway show was not only a display of the newest Spring 20013 collections, but also a contest between the designers themselves. Guests were encouraged to vote through SDFW’s application on their phone throughout the show for their favorite designer based on creativity, wearablity, and over all production. The winner received a designer business package, which included 50 hours of business consulting, logo designs, a photo shoot, dinner, and prize money to grow their business.

Kenneth Barlis was announced as the winner of the runway show with Jessica Faulkner and Dos Caras as runner ups. Barlis was my personal favorite as his designs were amazingly gorgeous! My two favorite dresses from his collection are below:

Alongside me during the night was KSole and together we were able to snap over 100 photos of the designs from the runway, but of course we don’t want the computer to lag and take forever to load so here are our top picks.

The event was amazing and the after party was enjoyable. It was one of the best runway shows I have attended this year and I met some wonderful people while in attendance, including Bianca of The Inbetween Girls. Thank you for helping me out Bianca and it was such a pleasure to finally meet you!

Thank you SDFW for having us out and thanks for the swag bags! We look forward to next year’s event!

For more photos, please visit our Facebook page.

For more coverage on the event, please visit the following:

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