[Hair Royalty: Episode 1] Anthony Pazos of LA Hair

As most of us in the fashion world know, sometimes your “hair” can be just as important as your “outfit”. The hair care industry is a billion dollar franchise, and often times, hair is used as simply another accessory. There are so many things you can do with it: Cut it, dye it, braid it, straighten it, and the people who assist with these processes – the hair stylists – are sometimes just as important as the designers, costumers and stylists.

Although our focus at LLL is primarily to showcase hot brands and designers (as well as our individual “Outfit” styles), I thought it would be cool if we created a section dedicated to giving these “hair artists” some shine. Therefore, I am proud to introduce LLL’s newest Feature series, “Hair Royalty.” With this new feature, we’ll be interviewing some of the top celebrity stylists in the business and getting the scoop on some of their favorite hair products, as well as their personal fashion styles and unique little tidbits about their life and enterprises.

“I realize that when working with celebrities, they want your attention and everything has to be perfect so there’s an added stress involved” – Anthony Pazos.

First up is Anthony Pazos – who stars on the W.E. TV hit reality show, L.A. Hair with Kim Kimble. In our exclusive interview, Anthony talks about some of his best and worst celebrity clients (Hint: It has something to do with a certain popular Vampire movie series), his experiences on the how L.A. Hair, his personal fashion style and his Fall forecast colors.

Of course, as a thrift store queen, my favorite part of the interview was when we talked about visiting thrift stores and what he thinks about designer versus thrifted apparel. Check out the video for our full video interview!

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