[BTS] H.E.R. Threads

About a week ago I caught up with my friend Lauren, a girl I’ve introduced you all to before with her dope ass closet feature some months ago! Since then, she and her sister Courtney Warwick have been doing nothing but achieving and I’m loving every moment of it! Theese two women together have created an online boutique called H.E.R. THREADS where they just recently began branding by selling hats and beanies. Watch out because these women are selling out quick!

H.E.R. THREADS is a store where nostalgia meets vintage meets street chic. It’s every round the way girls’ dream come true. Ever so often they do photo shoots with local and beautiful neighborhood favorites such as model/ singer Destiny Lightsy, singer/ actress Skye Townsend and Los Angeles’ own Seiko just to name a few.

The purpose of the shoot for these ladies is to get together have fun and to showcase what each woman has to bring to the table. All these women are far from lack luster. They are business minded and hands on, which is why I know they will all go far. For Lauren and Courtney being the owners and faces behind the product includes thrifting for it and hand picking the pieces, while individually they also do much more.

Lauren is the stylist.


And Courtney is the Photographer.

While hanging out I got a chance to speak with all the lovely ladies who attended.

Seiko Huffman who you might know from the BET reality show Baldwin Hills is a woman with a beautiful smile and a heart ready to take over the world! Check her out with an oversized sweater avaliable at H.E.R. THREADS.

Singer and Dancer Destiny Lightsy served as the co-host for the third season of MTV’s reality game show Yo Momma. She has also been featured in music videos like Ciara’s and Chris Brown’s. She was also in movies such as You Got Served, Fat Albert, and Pissed. Check her out posing for the camera in a H.E.R. THREADS outfit!

Skye Townsend is a singer and actress who is currently traveling to shoot a new movie, YOU GO GIRL! With a strong support system including her sister Sierra Townsend who also has her own dreams of styling. Sierra is currently expanding on a jewelry fashion line with the sporty chic fan in mind.

I had a full on BLAST just being behind the scenes with these lovely ladies! Amongst being a big deal of the talent, Lauren and Courtney are also mothers first. Having the kids around brought nothing but cheer and smiles to all of us. They’re an inspiration in themselves, so full of life! Thanks for having me at the shoot ladies and make sure you follow all of them on twitter to journey with them through their upcoming projects and adventures! Let’s do this again very soon! :-*

Lauren Levi: H.E.R. Owner/ Stylist

Courtney: H.E.R. Owner/ Photographer

Skye Townsend: Signer/ Actress/ Model

Seiko: Actress/ Model/ Singer

Destiny Lightsy: Singer/ Actress/ Dancer/ Model

Sierra Townsend: Stylist/ Personal Buyer/ Designer

Until next time ladies! *dueces*

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