[Spring Forecast] Tour of the Joey Showroom

About a month ago, during LA Fashion Week, I was invited to tour the Joey Showroom by Sylvie De Gil, CEO and President of Jomsy Inc. and creator of the Jomsy bracelet. Sylvie, whose office is in the same building, was very excited to show me some of her client’s (House of Ilona and Gulshachereli) upcoming Spring Collections, and while I was there I also got an opportunity to spy on a few upcoming items from Black Halo, Rebecca Minkoff and Renzo + Kai. I saw so many wonderful designs, it was like being in fashion blogger heaven! I can’t wait for all of these Spring Collections to debut and I’m really looking forward to everything else Spring has in store (even though its months and months away)! Thank you Sylvie for inviting me out and huge thanks to Thomas of Joey Showroom for showing me around! Enjoy the Spring peak below ;)

P.S. These pictures (of the clothes hanging on a rack) really don’t do them justice. Try to use your imagination, they look 10x better once you put them on!

House of Ilona:

House of Ilona “Chloe Draped Dress”




Renzo + Kai:

Thomas of Joey Showroom holding up a gorgeous Renzo + Kai beaded dress

Rebecca Minkoff:

Black Halo:



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