[BFVA] YMI Holiday Shopping Spree

YMI is best known for being a young and nationally distributed junior/ young contemporary brand. Distributed at retailers such as Macy’s and Tilly’s offers various products such as outerwear, t-shirts and purses but is widely recognized for its unique and trendy jeans.

Hazzle and Bella in the YMI gifting suite!

Hazzle and Bella in the YMI gifting suite!


Hazzle, Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland, An Dyer of Haute Pink Pretty, Jenny from Good, Bad & Fab and Bella

That’s why when Hazzle and I were invited by the Beauty and Fashion Vloggers Alliance (BFVA) to attend an exclusive (only 30 bloggers were selected) behind-the-scenes tour of the YMI factory and enjoy a bit of holiday gifting, we were beyond excited to accept. While nibbling on delicious sushi, chicken dumplings and various other tasty appetizers provided by Katsuya and sipping on beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) inspired by YMI’s holiday collection, we listened to YMI’s president, David Vered, and Vice-Pesident, Michael Godigian, talk about how YMI was first created and some of the rewards, as well as pitfalls to starting up a new clothing line. Bloggers interested in creating their own clothing companies were given valuable advice on how to navigate the fashion business world and also key insight into its operations. After our little pep-talk, the entire blogger group went upstairs to tour the factory and that is where the real fun began!

Vice-President Michael

Vice-President Michael Godigian talking to the fashion bloggers




Not only were we given a chance to view YMI’s new holiday collection, but we also got a glimpse into their upcoming Spring Collection. After that all the bloggers were led into a special room, where we were, surprise, gifted with cupcakes, more champagne, four pairs of jeans and two jackets each! Everyone was ecstatic as they struggled to decide which of the jeans – one which included their unreleased Spring 2013 Collection – to choose. Stay tuned to Lipstick, Lace & Lattes to find out how Hazzle and I style the jeans and jackets that we selected! ;)




Sheryl of Walk In Wonderland, An Dyer of Haute Pink Pretty & Bella

Sheryl of Walk In Wonderland, An Dyer of Haute Pink Pretty & Bella



Hazzle with YouTube beauty guru, Heart




Hazzle with YMI designers



P.S. Special thanks to Marina of the BFVA for inviting us out and also to Evelyn on YMI was assisted us on the tour!

P.S.S. If you were wondering, YMI stands for “Why am I?,” an inspirational message that encourages young women to challenge and push themselves to be the best they can be!



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