The Meaning Behind Ai Kandy Jewelry

I was referred to Ai Kandy Jewelry by a friend and when I visited her Site I couldn’t help, but be drawn to the meaning behind Ai Kandy Jewelry and the designs. Kandace’s creations are absolutely adorable, but what I loved even more about them is what each piece means. Ai Kandy represents everything in life that I believe in, which is living a positive lifestyle. Another interesting thing I love about Kandace is how she has inspirational and beautiful quotes on her Site, you’ll always feel more positive after leaving Here at LLL we want to make sure our readers are continuously inspired by us, what we post, and who we feature. Everyone has a story. Read more to learn more about Ai Kandy and the woman behind it.

Ai Kandy Jewelry (Ai is pronounced ‘I,’ a Japanese word for ‘Love’) is a collection of original, handmade jewelry designs that helps inspire and reinforce positive affirmations. The stones in each piece represents and attracts a different universal spiritual quality such as Love, Harmony, Balance, and Abundance.


LLL: What inspired you to start making jewelry?
KANDACE: I love jewelry and I believe every girl has a story to tell about each piece of jewelry she owns.


LLL: How long have you been doing it?
KANDACE: I have been making jewelry about 5 years, but I didn’t launch my business until April 29th of this year.

LLL: What are your future plans with the business?
KANDACE: I plan to sell my jewelry in boutiques internationally.

LLL: How do you come up with what to make next?
KANDACE: I look for inspiration every where… nature, online, fashion exclusives.


LLL: What are the two most ordered/favorite things by customers?
KANDACE: My signature necklace, the tourmaline lotus, and the silver cherry blossom.


LLL: What is your personal favorite thing to make? Why?
KANDACE: They are all fun to make! I like variety.

LLL: How would you describe your style?
KANDACE: Nature inspired and simple to wear with jeans, but also with a nice dress. I want my jewelry to be versatile.


LLL: Where are your favorite places to shop?
KANDACE: For jewelry components? I go to Bella Findings in DTLA. For my own fashion, I like the fashion district in DTLA.

LLL: Who do you idolize in the fashion industry?
KANDACE: I’m not sure. I like Rihanna, but more so for her hair. :)

LLL: Who is your favorite jewelry company/designer?
KANDACE: I like Satya Jewelry.

LLL: How can people contact you or purchase?

LLL: What advice would you give to others looking to start a jewelry company?
KANDACE: Love what you do and everything will come together

Thank you Kandace for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We’re inspired by the messages you send to your consumers and hope that our readers feel the same!

Ai Kandy Jewelry would make a cute Christmas gift to someone you love if you’re still looking for the perfect present. Don’t forget to LIKE Ai Kandy on Facebook. Leave a comment saying LLL sent you there.

*All images in this post were used with permission from Kandace of Ai Kandy Jewelry*

Happy Days Little Lattes!

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