[YMI Jeans] Bright Colors x Mixed Prints

About two weeks ago, California was having the worst weather. It was cold, dreary and it rained for almost six straight days. Hey, I know what you non-Californians are thinking, no big deal right? Well, although its true us Californians might be a bit spoiled when it comes to the weather, I still didn’t enjoy it all the same.

Therefore, when we finally got a break in rain, I decided to make the most of it. It wasn’t warm enough to go without outerwear, but a light sweater did the trick. I decided to mix and match my new YMI jeans that I got from the YMI factory with a striped black and white shirt, and a yellow cashmere sweater. I tied a scarf around my head because I felt like having my hair up and slid on some Black Chuck Taylors. Presto, easy and comfortable outfit!

Outfit Details:
Jeans: YMI
Top: Don’t remember, sorry!
Shoes: Chuck Taylors (Bought from Nordstrom)
Jewelry: Collected over the years…
Anklet: Jomsy bracelet
Scarf/ Turban: Forever 21
Yellow Cardigan: Express

P.S. The fushia anklet I’m rocking is a Jomsy Bracelet. Thanks to Sylvie de Gil! More info here: http://www.jomsy.com/

And thank you to Hazzle for taking the pics!


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