Camron x LRG – “Last Day on Earth”

Rapper Camron has always been known as somewhat of a fashion connoisseur when it comes to the Hip-Hop fashion world. Camron – along with the rest of “Dipset” – were some of the first few to rock pink furs and just the color pink in general, and they started a whole wave of rap enthusiasts embracing a different side of fashion.

This Thursday, you can have the opportunity to see the legend Camron himself as he hosts an exclusive event, “Last Day On Earth,” in conjunction with the street-wear brand, LRG at the Roxbury in Hollywood! Camron will perform and the night will be filled with fun and surprise performances. Best of all, the 100 hundred to RSVP, get in free! What are you waiting for?!


“According to the Mayan prophecy that indicates end of days on Friday, December 21, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Rather than speculate to whether this will hold true, LRG is preparing accordingly because the “last day on Earth” shouldn’t be spent worrying. Rather, it should be a celebration of all that has been accomplished prior as well as the promise for what the mysterious future may hold. Join LRG and headliner Cam’ron of Dipset fame for a night at the Roxbury in Hollywood on Thursday, December 20 that will certainly serve as a proper blowout should the Mayans actually be right. Booze, hip-hop and the uncertainly if we’ll all make it out alive – sounds like the perfect party, doesn’t it?”

When: Thursday, December 20th, 2012 from 10pm – 2am
Where: Roxbury – 1661 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles CA 90028


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