Tisa Fashion Friday

On the last Friday of 2012, my boy Drew Billions, along with Taz Arnold of Tisa clothing, hosted “Tisa Fashion Friday” at a cool little lounge called “The Mark” in Beverly Hills. Since Problem and Ty Dollasign were performing, I knew it was going to be a fashionable and turnt up event, and so I decided to rock my vintage stonewashed jean dress (that’s actually a jacket that I turned into a dress). Afterwards, my best friend, Ashley, and I found some kid’s quarter rides and had a midnight photo shoot… Strange and random nights in Beverly Hills :)

Outfit Details:
Jean Dress (Originally a jacket): Thrift Store
Belt: Thrift Store
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Gold Jewelry: Collected over the years…
Zebra Two-Finger Ring: Forever 21

Bella’s best friend, Ashley

Follow Bella on Twitter/ Instagram: @MsBellaGraham.

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