[Announcement] Farewell to our Sisters

[A Letter From Bella]

Dear Lattes,

As mentioned in my New Years post, since our initial launch, Lipstick, Lace & Lattes (LLL) has been blessed with many incredible opportunities and swift momentum. In less than a year, LLL has managed to gain a dedicated and supportive following – and ties, friendships and affiliations to some of the most popular (and fashionable) individuals and brands in the blogging community – and I am absolutely filled with dreams of our glorious future.

However, as with most things in life, change is inevitable, and it is with much fondness (of the memories of time spent at LLL), that I must announce that as we (Hazzle and I) continue our magnificent journey, Lisa Tran (co-founder of LLL), Sheridan Street (Contributor) and Kristina Marie (Contributor), unfortunately will not. As young women who all have not fully realized the culmination and achievements of our dreams, we are each still attempting to navigate and find our place in the world, and sometimes our goals change; our course veers and our passion fades. Change such as this is not to be met with negativity, but with rejoicing. Although our sisters will not continue with us, Hazzle and I are happy that each of them have all discovered other passions that give them fulfillment, and we wish them nothing but the best.

Left to right: Kristina Marie, Brittany “Bella” Graham, Lisa Tran, Hazzle Joy Andrada and Sheridan Street

Lisa Tran, who served as one of the original co-founders and co-owners along with Hazzle and I, leaves LLL to pursue her dreams of photography and event planning. Out of all of my sisters, I think Lisa and I saw the most eye-to-eye in terms of business, development and creative skills and I will miss her strong but caring personality very much. During her time spent here, Lisa discovered that photography, particularly couple’s and wedding photography, is what she enjoyed most, and is available to photograph all you lovely couples out there. Her amazing work can be seen at LisaALinh.net

Lisa Tran

Sheridan Street, whom I fondly call “my Mermaid,” is out discovering the word and goings-on of the world on her blog, “Word on the Street.” Sheridan has written engaging articles about the roles of stage moms, and the dynamics of the DJ, and we wish her nothing but the best. I’ve always loved Sheri’s free-flowing spirit – I mean who else randomly goes kayaking in the middle of the week – and easy-going personality. She’s very much a fly-by-the-wind kind of girl and her sense of adventure has always appealed to the roaming nomad in me. Even though she leaves to pursue other adventures, I know this won’t be our last one by far. One more time for the road, “Mermaid Gang!” *Insider ish…* :)

Sheridan Street

Kristina Marie, is currently still a student majoring in visual communications at FIDM and is pursuing her dreams of taking over the fashion world. Kris was always like the baby sister of the group and it feels good to see that the baby bird has grown feathers and wings to fly. I look forward to seeing her soar and everything she will accomplish.

Kristina Marie

I love all of these women like sisters and I look forward to all that they can achieve. Hazzle and I will continue to hold down LLL, and I hope that you readers will continue to support us, as will our sisters, Lisa, Sheridan and Kris. It only gets better from here! Cheers to bright futures!



Never look back! The future lies ahead!

[A Letter From Hazzle Joy]

Dear Little Lattes,

It’s a bittersweet feeling I have right now. Starting LLL was a dream in itself for me personally and I know that regardless of the circumstances, I cannot thank the original ladies of LLL enough for being a part of my dream. As mushy as it sounds, I want it to be emphasized because it’s the truth. LLL wouldn’t be where it is today without the originals and I’m happy that each of us are moving forward to better ourselves and achieve our individual goals. Personally, I’d like to thank you, the readers, for your never ending love and support. Without you, LLL wouldn’t be the inspirational forum we wished to express to the world. I hope that you continue to ride this journey with us and know that you are appreciated.

Dear Lisa, My Co-Founder:

I am so thankful we met and I thank you for collaborating with me in the very beginning. We weren’t aware of the twists and turns of the adventure, but I’m happy we went through it all together. Although, I am deeply saddened that your journey with LLL has ended, I am also happy for you chasing your true passion. I always knew you had the photographic skills and talent. After all, wasn’t it I praising your photos? They improved every single time. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments and I don’t doubt that you will conquer everything on your list because you’re a strong woman who doesn’t let anything get in her way.

Dear Sheri, My Lovely Gemini:

We always shared a mutual understanding among one another. One that isn’t needed for words. It must be our gemini instincts. I admire your boldness and fashionable perspective. You have a brilliant mind and I know you’re set out in this world to conquer some amazing things. It’s been a tough road, but I hope that you know that I’m always going to support you in everything you do. Thank you for teaching me some valuable lessons with your easy-going and soulful personality. Keep doing you and I’m excited to see your progression.

And last, but not least my beautiful sister, Kris:

You have grown to be so gorgeous and smart. I know it’s been crazy trying to figure out what you want to do. I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of you and how happy I am that you finally found your heart in a career in fashion. I know fashion is your home and you know I’m always rooting for your success. I hope that you take away some great memories and experiences from LLL and never forget where you started. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my duties as your big sister by listening to my never-ending lectures and advice; I’ll never stop giving them to you. =P I learned a lot from you as well. I can’t wait to be at the finish line waiting for you with a big smile and hug to congratulate you.


It’s kinda crazy how emotional I’m getting at the end of this, but only because of the love I have for you ladies and because I hold LLL dear to my heart. I love all of you ladies very much!!!! Thank you for giving me memorable experiences that I will definitely never forget. I will always support your endeavors and wish you nothing, but the best.

Love Always and Forever,


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