You’re Invited to THEMASSES Winter Stimulant

The Masses, also recognized as “THEM,” will be setting foot in street wear store Beatnic (BTNC) located in Downtown Fullerton on Friday, January 18 to present “The Great Impression.”

The Great Impression marks the celebration of the forthcoming adventures of The Masses with free admission, live music, giveaways and free drinks to those 21 and over. It will be to no surprise that everyone leaves with an impressionable understanding of what The Masses is about and who the team is.

In addition to introducing THEMselves to the world, THEM shows their compassionate side by contributing to a great cause. Digital raffle tickets will be sold for a dollar for a chance to win free giveaways filled with THEMASSES goodies. 100% of the proceeds from the raffle tickets and bartender tips will go to a man important to the Fullerton community, Michael Atta, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Donations will help pay for Atta’s cancer treatments.


Printed tees, unique hats and more are only a fraction of the way The Masses executes and expresses creativity. THEM creates through artistic visuals, graphics, designs and production, which will be displayed in the “Winter Stimulant.”


More about The Masses: In 2006, they were fueled by design, photography, fashion and anything that dealt with eye candy. Their latest project ranked THEM as one of top three finalists for the KIA Commercial Contest.

With the right mixture of positivity and a side of passion, they are able to come up with designs that inspire people to create. As a creative society, they define the masses of people since they believe everyone is creative in their own way without them knowing it.

The Masses aim to inspire individuals to use their creative skills, abilities and passion to make positive changes in the world and go above and beyond societal standards. The Masses is for all, but those who exceed expectations are one of “THEM.”

Want to party with THEM? The After Party will be at The Commonwealth Lounge . We are still accepting names for the guest list. Please email full names to by 9pm tomorrow (Friday). Thanks!

Hope to see you there! (:


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