Winter Lime Green

I’m such a sucker for bright colors. I was immediately drawn to these jeans when Bella and I were at the exclusive blogger event (BFVA YMI Holiday Shopping Spree). Among the pairs I picked up, this bright lime green was one of them. It brings a little bit more funk to the average dull winter colors. I definitely have to give my sister credit for helping me put this outfit together. I loved the patterns of my blue top and it seemed to work well with the bright pants.





If you want, you can even add more spunk to your outfit with accessories, like I did with my fedora. I love this fedora. I’ve had it for years. I haven’t worn it in a long time though. It goes with almost anything.





My little dog always wants to be where I am. Hehe. He’s so cute! I love him!


Outfit Breakdown
Jeans: YMI Jeans
Fedora: Forever 21
Top: Love Culture
Shoes: Sole Society

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Tah tah Little Lattes,

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