Sexy Meets Camo

Day Two of MAGIC Market Week! Hazzle and I headed over to WWD at the Las Vegas Convention Center to check out some of the women’s brands, and I decided to put a sexy spin on the classic camouflage.

For this look, I combined a very girly dress and mixed it up with some street-wear apparel – such as my Crooks & Castles USB necklace and combat boots – to make it more army-esque. The airplane and Navy pins didn’t come with the dress and neither did the jaguar pin on the hat. All of them I collected from various thrift and vintage stores and then pined them on later to complete the look.

Outfit Details (Item/ Brand, Where Purchased):
Dress/ Forever 21. Pins (on the dress)/ Various thrift and vintage stores. Shoes/ Bakers (now out of business). Black Lace Socks/ Forever 21. USB necklace/ Crooks & Castles. Camouflage hat/ Hazzle Joy’s suitcase lol. Jaguar pin on hat/ Thrift Store. Dangling Chain Ring/ Forever 21. Green Ring/ Fashion Trend. Gold Hoop Earrings, Watch & Bracelets/ Collected over the years.

Me and Hazzle Joy

With my good friend, Jacqueline Chambers, of and at the Fashion Snoops booth at MAGIC. We both happened to randomly be wearing camouflage!


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