Spontaneous Night out in Vegas

The goal was to let loose and have a good time, after all I felt like it was well deserved after a great productive first day at Magic Trade Show. Before Bella and I went out to meet up my friends from The Masses we made time for a quick photo shoot in our lovely room at Southpoint.

 photo IMG_2599_zps119216e2.jpg

I opted for minimal jewelry. What I love to emphasize is re-wearing pieces differently every time I wear them. It’s fun trying to come up with different ways to wear things, it truly shows your creative thought process when putting things together. It’s definitely a more rewarding challenge than constantly shopping every single time, but of course, what girl doesn’t love to shop?

 photo IMG_2508_zps0b3e8bda.jpg

The heels I have on are from Bakers (I used to work there), but unfortunately recently closed down. The heels are pretty comfortable for the most part, after of course breaking them in. The higher the platform at the balls of your feet the more comfortable they will be. In Vegas you always want to opt for the most comfort you can get. After the week ended, I came home sore, not realizing that even though I missed the gym, I still got my good workout in from dancing and walking around in heels!

 photo IMG_2511_zpsbbf14326.jpg

Our random night was amazing. We met up with my friends from The Masses at their room in Treasure Island and then hit up Hyde Night Club at Bellagio. We unexpectedly joined some friends at bottle service and had a great time.

 photo IMG_2510_zps5161a752.jpg

 photo IMG_2528_zps10736cdb.jpg

 photo IMG_2527_zps1be9517e.jpg

 photo IMG_2520_zpsefb11445.jpg

 photo IMG_2518_zpsd392c90c.jpg

 photo IMG_2516_zpsdc86a0cd.jpg

 photo IMG_2626_zps68d3fb26.jpg

 photo IMG_2628_zpsb86f762d.jpg

 photo IMG_2604_zps5acb5264.jpg

 photo IMG_2524_zpsa92d1d63.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Top: Love Culture
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Bakers

 photo IMG_5763_zpse6f0f01e.jpg

Overall, we had a great time! We are so happy we had the opportunity to make it to Magic again. We’re looking forward to the next fashion events that is to come our way.

Tah tah Little Lattes! Til my next post,

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