Floral Memo [Magic Day 3]

On the final day of PROJECT Movement, Bella and I arrived pretty late so many booths were already gone or near closing up. Regardless, we still made an effort to get some work in – and even better, had time to enjoy ourselves. You know what they say, “Work hard, play harder.” (;

One of my signature looks (in general) would definitely have to be a vest. I really have a thing for them and I’m not sure why – maybe because it’s the simplest accessory to an outfit. It adds more to my look and I feel that they’re really cute. Denim is always going to be a trend as well – but for as long as I can remember – I never felt like a trend-follower. This vest started out as a jean jacket and I simply cut it up and made it into this vest. I bought it at a thrift store and it was a kid’s size so it fit pretty snug. Who know, maybe one day, I’ll detail it with some fun studs or something. I know it will live in my closet for a while – it’s definitely a timeless piece that I own.

 photo IMG_3027_zps2d51bdb1.jpg

I’ve also always had a thing for high-waisted pants. When I used to work at Forever 21, I had these amazing jegging high-waists and every time I wore them to work everyone always wanted to buy a pair. Their comfy and another simple factor to spice up a fit.

 photo IMG_3028_zps2d73d52e.jpg

 photo IMG_3032_zps6d10f119.jpg

 photo IMG_3012_zps438e13fd.jpg

 photo IMG_3030_zps2f682bfd.jpg

 photo IMG_3009_zps60f13184.jpg

 photo IMG_3023_zpsf0baee4e.jpg

 photo IMG_3025_zpse44f59ae.jpg

 photo IMG_3019_zps8b7c0e99.jpg

Finally caught up with my friend, Tim, best known as Timothy de la Ghetto or Traphik. We were unexpectedly matching with our floral ‘fits.

 photo IMG_2960_zps2fbe7da6.jpg

 photo IMG_2959_zps7b93e4c3.jpg

I met Andrew Garcia (American Idol Contestant) and Youtuber Ricky Shucks at Project.

 photo ac88089f-6c66-4122-9224-a92c3f260a7c_zps2cd6050e.jpg

Look how happy I was with my Fat Tuesday drink and Earl of Sandwich. A Vegas trip is never complete without the two.

 photo IMG_3045_zps7f86181e.jpg


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