LA Frock Stars Red Carpet Premiere

Bella and I fully enjoyed ourselves at the LA Frock Stars Red Carpet Premiere! I wanted to go for a sophisticated and classy look so I went with this simple and put together dress. I haven’t been feeling like wearing too many accessories lately – I feel like it’s more of a time where “less is more,” at least for me – so my outfit reflected this.

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz_zps8c696922.jpg

What was so fun about this night is that we were offered complimentary goodies such as fancy finger foods, an open bar, coffee and desserts. Not to mention the fun free photo-booth they had! We mingled with many fashionistas and fashionist-ers, and everyone was so lovely and well-put together – I was in awe of the great style. It didn’t hit us until later that we were among some of LA’s finest fashion elites!

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz4_zps9c42c487.jpg

As far as the show goes, it was really interesting. Since the venue was held outdoors at the LACMA, it was somewhat difficult to follow the show completely while it was playing on the tv displays but other than that, I’m definitely interested in the niche of the show – which is vintage and thrifted fashion.

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz6_zps1688675a.jpg

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz7_zpsac596d95.jpg

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz8_zps69b2d65b.jpg

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz9_zpsd46fbafa.jpg

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz10_zpsf72ad664.jpg

 photo LipstickLaceAndLattes_Hazzle_LAFrockStarz11_zps8887a0d2.jpg

If you follow us on Instagram, I’m sure you saw all the fun we got into that night. Until my next post,

tah tah Little Lattes!

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